Mistress Victoria Vixen


Mistress Victoria Vixen


I am Mistress Victoria Vixen. Formerly of Austin, Texas I now reside in Dublin, Ireland. 

I’m a beautiful authentic Southern Texas lady. Charming, witty, playful, hilarious, engaging, both interesting and interested, a lover of art, books, food, life and an absolute adventuress. 

I embody the look of the classic, curvaceous “all-American” girl-next-door, complete with blonde, flowing hair, a perky demeanor, and a dazzling smile. 

Behind my sweet smile lurks the dark soul of a genuine sadist. I love using my charm to get what I want. All of my life I have lured both men and women alike, deep into my web until it is far too late for them. Trapped, they find themselves hopelessly wrapped around my finger, and entirely at my mercy. 

I delight in using my soft and lovely body to seduce you, while I use my wicked humor to abuse you.

I enjoy watching you lust over me while, I force you to bend to my will.

I love laughing while, I inflict terrible punishments on your body and mind.

I want to put you in challenging predicaments and watch you struggle.

I take pleasure in training you to be my perfect slave or my most prized little floozy.

Email me: MistressVVixen@gmail.com          •         Text me: +353 (0)89 453 1683






I have a broad, and ever-expanding range of interests. Below you’ll find some of my favorites and descriptions of them. If exhaustive lists are your thing, click here,. If you do not see your particular interests listed, then just get in touch with me so that we can discuss it.



Your little clit and tiny eggs belong to me. They serve no other purpose than to have me tie them up and torture them to amuse myself. Mild to severe.


Corporal-punishment and OTK

I love having naughty boys and girls over my lap. Few things make me smile as much as seeing your cheeks redden as you endure for your Mistress's amusement and pleasure! This could include caning, flogging, whipping, paddling, spanking or the hairbrush.

It all depends on whether or not you were hoping for souvenir marks on your bottom.


Facesitting, ass-worship and smothering 

My perfect ass craves attention. Wouldn’t you like to place delicate little kisses all over my sumptuous posterior? Have you ever wondered why God, in her infinite wisdom, shaped your face like a bicycle seat? Ass worship shall be done through latex or panties, or whatever clothing suits the scene at hand. I will never be naked..


Forced feminization and femme-guidance

I can see the woman in you. The one you hide from your macho co-workers, relatives, and friends. How long has she been lurking in there, dying to be set free? I want to bring her out, to play with her; and to teach her all of the things she would know by now if you weren't so busy pretending to be a useless boy. We will play dress up; enjoy panty play; makeovers; learn to walk in heels; female deportment and mannerisms. Maybe an outing would be in order when you feel brave enough? I can always use a new maid. Or perhaps your place is on a busy street corner, making me money? 







My feet

My feet are beautiful. They want to be pampered, massaged and kissed; and my long, regal toes love to be sucked on.


Restraint and sensory deprivation

Who needs drugs when we have sensory deprivation? I will tie you up, blindfold you and perhaps cover your ears. You give yourself over to me entirely. You shudder in anticipation, wondering which of your vulnerable and exposed areas I might play with next; and what I will do with it...


Role play

You want me to be your mother, don’t lie. Or maybe your sexy, strict governess? Your teacher? Boss? Sister? Nun? Seductive perverted aunt; warden or interrogator? You choose, then I'll take over.


Sensual sadism

Self-explanatory. I am a very sexy woman, confident in my sensuality; but I do enjoy causing you pain.


Strap-on and anal-training

I delight taking your anal virginity, and I’m very good at it. Your “G” spot is there for a reason.  



 In ancient times you would have been collared and in shackles, building monuments out of stone in my honor; while my beautiful, scantily-clad assistants whipped you. Times have changed, but that’s no reason not to demonstrate your adoration of me. No oral/anal/genital contact will ever be permitted. 


Email me: MistressVVixen@gmail.com          •         Text me: +353 (0)89 453 1683






I very much enjoy your ideas and input but am not a fan of strict scripts. I work much better with being given a simple scenario; your interests, limits and trust; and then working my magic. I get a lot of pleasure from obedient, respectful, appreciative and generous submissives. I adore receiving the admiration, adoration, and worship of slaves in a plethora of ways; and am interested in both short-term, or long-term relationships; where I can explore your mind, and find the kinks you either didn’t know you had, or push you to limits you never thought possible. I genuinely want to connect with you, and that feeling we visited an utterly new place together.

All my sessions are in a fully equipped dungeon in Dublin, Ireland. My location is south of city center, easily accessible and completely discrete.

Do arrive on time; well bathed, submissive and very obedient. Only address me as Mistress or Mistress Vixen, and follow my instructions to the letter. Before every session I allow a few minutes to chat, to calm your nerves (a bit); address your concerns; discuss anything you may have forgotten or too reluctant to mention, and go over your safe words. 



Email me: MistressVVixen@gmail.com          •         Text me: +353 (0)89 453 1683






I am very selective with whom I see. My very experienced personal assistant vets all requests. To assure consideration for a session with me, you MUST follow these directions:

Email, text or fill out the form below.

If you would prefer to email or text me and forgo filling out the form below; you should include your interests, experience level, what you hope to achieve in your session, any medical or other concerns, and the date you are looking to see me.

Once I have approved you, and we have settled on a date, you will be required to pay a €50 deposit. Deposits go toward the tribute for your first session.

Only when the deposit is received shall you be added to my calendar.

At this point, you may discuss our session in more detail, and ask whatever questions you may have about our session. 

Please note, I have a PA that handles all my email and texts. She is very efficient and will answer promptly. Please don’t sext or send pictures of your penis to my PA. Doing this will only get you blocked, and your penis laughed at. I do not take phone calls from anyone I have not seen before, and should you call me to set up an appointment, without having already established a rapport, your call will be ignored. I never listen to voicemails. I prefer for our communication to be in email or text form so that I can refer back to it in preparation for our session.

If you feel the need to discuss your session at length or ask endless questions before booking, then I insist you compensate me in advance for my time. 

The deposit can be made via either an  Amazon.com gift card, Gift rocket, Circle Pay or even more discreetly with a 3money voucher, in addition, I have a cash-deposit drop-point should you need it. 

Do not contact me seeking a massage, or full-service, as I am not an escort. BDSM and role-play only; safe, sane and consensual always.

Short notice cancellations and no-shows will be charged an additional fee and added to a community blacklist.


Single date or range of dates
Experience Level
Mailing list is used solely by me and will never be sold by me to anyone for any reason whatsoever.
You can stop here. Scroll to the bottom and press the SUBMIT button
OR continue to tell me more about yourself....
Do NOT mention the Mistress's name
List issues that pertain to fetish play
if yes, you will give permission in writing beforehand.

Email me: MistressVVixen@gmail.com          •         Text me: +353 (0)89 453 1683






Gifts are never expected, but they are appreciated. I do adore thoughtfully chosen gifts, from those dedicated to worshipping me. Some of my favorite things are fine chocolates (dairy free please); fancy teas, coffees, excellent wines; beautiful lingerie, quality clothing and of course I love shoes! I like toys; unique, high-caliber implements. Perhaps your bum could be the first one I use my new toy on. 

If you are still stuck deciding on the perfect gift for me, you may refer to My Delivery code or My Amazon wishlist. I also accept gift cards though Gift Rocket

Other gift cards I enjoy:

Coffee: Starbucks 

Latex: Libidex

Lingerie: Victoria secret

Fetish gear: Fetters



Email me: MistressVVixen@gmail.com          •         Text me: +353 (0)89 453 1683




Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of people do you see?

I do not discriminate based on race, sex, gender identity, physical or mental abilities, religion, age, diet or anything else. I do however discriminate based on your behavior. I will not see you if you are disrespectful, unhygienic, intoxicated; make any reference to wanting to switch or dominate me; suggest we engage in non-consensual or unsafe behavior; ask me for sexual services; cannot afford or otherwise waste my valuable time.    

You must be generous, submissive, obedient, polite, showered and punctual.


“I’m a newbie to kink and fetish play, I’m interested in trying it… is that ok?”

Yes! of course, it is. I like to play at any level from hardcore to beginners. I love gently introducing new players to my world. I understand you are nervous, but that is part of the fun and excitement of what we are doing. I am SAFE, SANE and CONSENSUAL always. 

When you arrive, I always allow a few minutes before every session to have little chat to calm your nerves (only a bit), address your concerns, discuss anything you may have forgotten or been reluctant to mention, and cover your safe words.  


Why I have to pay a deposit?   

“I’m only in town briefly/ looking for a same-day appointment, etc.. Do I have to pay a deposit?”

Yes, you have to pay a deposit. A deposit is non-negotiable and non-refundable. Do your research before traveling.

Deposits are for both of us: 

For me: A deposit tells me that you are not a time-waster or a no-show. It secures your time with me and guarantees your place in the Dungeon schedule.

For you: Deposits are your first opportunity to show me how well you can follow direction, and reassures me that I should consider seeing you. A deposit is also a small commitment you make with yourself to help you move through the nerves you may have before we see each other. 

If for some rare reason I need to cancel our session, and we cannot reschedule a time, we can discuss refunding the deposit.


Where are sessions held?

Sessions are in a fully-equipped dungeon in Dublin, Ireland. The exact location will be given to you after a deposit has been received and we have scheduled a time to session together. 

I will consider outcall to an alternative address in Dublin, or to suitable clients in Europe, and other parts of the world I care to visit. I will require knowing the location and your details before agreeing. Only places worthy of my time will be considered. No awful hotels or sinister locations. You, of course, pay all travel and expenses. If you hope to see me somewhere other than Dublin, Ireland, but you can not or have no interest in covering my travel expenses; do not send emails asking me to contact you when I will be traveling to your part of the world. Show initiative and keep track of me, rather than asking me to keep track of you. Any travel plans I have will be posted on my website and social media as soon as the dates are confirmed. Let them be your guide as to when you should attempt to make arrangements.


Will I Switch?

No, I do not switch. Ever.


Are you looking for a personal slave?

I always have a stable of personal slaves. All of my personal slaves have earned their place at my feet. Before asking me about becoming one of them, you should know that this is one of the questions I receive the most. Some of my slaves I have had for many years; some are branded and tattooed as my property. All of them have come as paid clients to start with and built a relationship with me over time, establishing trust; with me learning their strengths, weaknesses, and skills. I learned the hard way very early on that to disregard this system resulted in time wasted and chores poorly done. 

I’m not saying that I will never have room for more personal slaves, but if you don’t have what it takes for longterm commitment and service; then sessions dressed as my sexy french maid might be more your speed.


Can I buy your worn/ intimate items?

Yes. My scent is intoxicating, so I can understand you wanting to have it near you; perhaps to hold to your face while you masturbate; or to sleep with, beneath your pillow. Inquire by email for information on availability and prices.


Will we have sex?

No. I do not offer sexual services. I do not “eventually have sex” with clients or slaves. I am sex positive and do not condemn sex-for-pay, escorts have an essential place in sex-work, but I am not an Escort, I am a Dominatrix. While our time together can be sexy and fun, and very sensual, it still isn’t sex in the vanilla sense of the word.

BDSM role-play only. Safe, sane and consensual always.


Do you get naked?

I am in control of My sessions. I will wear as much or a little as I like. You may make wardrobe requests such as latex, leather or role-play. I will do my best to accommodate; however, I will never be completely naked.


Do you offer just shopping outings, dinner dates or cash drops?

Yes, I love shopping-outings and dinner-dates! These type of adventures are availing of my time and therefore require a deposit and tribute for my time in addition to items you may purchase, or dinner, etc.



Email me: MistressVVixen@gmail.com          •         Text me: +353 (0)89 453 1683