I have a broad, and ever-expanding range of interests. Below you’ll find some of my favorites and descriptions of them. If exhaustive lists are your thing, click here,. If you do not see your particular interests listed, then just get in touch with me so that we can discuss it.



Your little clit and tiny eggs belong to me. They serve no other purpose than to have me tie them up and torture them to amuse myself. Mild to severe.


Corporal-punishment and OTK

I love having naughty boys and girls over my lap. Few things make me smile as much as seeing your cheeks redden as you endure for your Mistress's amusement and pleasure! This could include caning, flogging, whipping, paddling, spanking or the hairbrush.

It all depends on whether or not you were hoping for souvenir marks on your bottom.


Facesitting, ass-worship and smothering 

My perfect ass craves attention. Wouldn’t you like to place delicate little kisses all over my sumptuous posterior? Have you ever wondered why God, in her infinite wisdom, shaped your face like a bicycle seat? Ass worship shall be done through latex or panties, or whatever clothing suits the scene at hand. I will never be naked..


Forced feminization and femme-guidance

I can see the woman in you. The one you hide from your macho co-workers, relatives, and friends. How long has she been lurking in there, dying to be set free? I want to bring her out, to play with her; and to teach her all of the things she would know by now if you weren't so busy pretending to be a useless boy. We will play dress up; enjoy panty play; makeovers; learn to walk in heels; female deportment and mannerisms. Maybe an outing would be in order when you feel brave enough? I can always use a new maid. Or perhaps your place is on a busy street corner, making me money? 







My feet

My feet are beautiful. They want to be pampered, massaged and kissed; and my long, regal toes love to be sucked on.


Restraint and sensory deprivation

Who needs drugs when we have sensory deprivation? I will tie you up, blindfold you and perhaps cover your ears. You give yourself over to me entirely. You shudder in anticipation, wondering which of your vulnerable and exposed areas I might play with next; and what I will do with it...


Role play

You want me to be your mother, don’t lie. Or maybe your sexy, strict governess? Your teacher? Boss? Sister? Nun? Seductive perverted aunt; warden or interrogator? You choose, then I'll take over.


Sensual sadism

Self-explanatory. I am a very sexy woman, confident in my sensuality; but I do enjoy causing you pain.


Strap-on and anal-training

I delight taking your anal virginity, and I’m very good at it. Your “G” spot is there for a reason.  



 In ancient times you would have been collared and in shackles, building monuments out of stone in my honor; while my beautiful, scantily-clad assistants whipped you. Times have changed, but that’s no reason not to demonstrate your adoration of me. No oral/anal/genital contact will ever be permitted. 


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