Gifts are never expected, but they are appreciated. I do adore thoughtfully chosen gifts, from those dedicated to worshipping me. Some of my favorite things are fine chocolates (dairy free please); fancy teas, coffees, excellent wines; beautiful lingerie, quality clothing and of course I love shoes! I like toys; unique, high-caliber implements. Perhaps your bum could be the first one I use my new toy on. 

If you are still stuck deciding on the perfect gift for me, you may refer to My Delivery code or My Amazon wishlist. I also accept gift cards though Gift Rocket

Other gift cards I enjoy:

Coffee: Starbucks 

Latex: Libidex

Lingerie: Victoria secret

Fetish gear: Fetters



Email me: MistressVVixen@gmail.com          •         Text me: +353 (0)89 453 1683